Sunday, January 29, 2012


Starting off 2012 with a bang! I am proud to announce that I now ride for PURITY ORGANIC juices. Above is a recent commercial of theirs that I starred in. There are a lot of beverage companies in the action sports industry that skateboarders are endorsing but none of them are as good for you as Purity Organic is. This is the stuff we ALL should be drinking for our own good! Not to mention it tastes Amazing!

I recently made an appearance on the SPEEL IT SHOW as well. I was the featured guest and it was rad being a part of the show. Thanks to all the fans and supporters for tuning in and submitting questions! Shout outs to everyone at the Speel It Show!

Also I am really hyped on my new Pro deck for STRUGGLE SKATEBOARDS featuring my little dog "Nollie".
My new deck is available in skate shops throughout the United States and Mexico at every one of our dealers. You may also purchase the board through our Struggle Skateboards online shop. I am signing a limited amount of these boards at request so if you are ordering one and want it signed by me I would be stoked to do that for you just email us or leave us a note in the text box when you order the board. Here is the LINK.

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