Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am currently featured in the latest WHYSPACE section of the January 2008 issue of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Pretty stoked and surprised because I was flipping through the issue and saw it at a glance. I had no idea it was going to be in there so I am pretty honored that they featured me out of who knows how many hundreds of thousands of WHYSPACE submitters. Check it out!

Also about a month or so ago I did a Music video for recent American Idol winner DAVID COOK. For his first ever music video entitled "Light On". The music video was directed by the legendary Wayne Isham who has made music videos for Metallica, Micheal Jackson,The Rolling Stones,Britney Spears, and to many others to name. The shoot was super fun and I basically busted an all nighter there skateboarding in between breaks on set at like 3:30 in the morning it was way fun! And yes I am the Skateboarder rolling up right in the beginning of the intro.
Check out the stills and then the actual video. Thanks.

Click below to see the Music Video

And lastly about 3 years ago I shot a segment for a show. It was supposed to be about me talking on the topic of what I do to help my local skate community. The segment never aired and I never got to see the footage we shot. In fact the show it was for went under before this segment got a chance to air. Finally after all these years my good friends at Studio Demiurge posted up the video online. Check it out.

I actually have more updates that I forgot to update here but I will get to them soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008



First off I am proud to announce that I have been bestowed with this years PETER GRIMM headwear catalouge cover! I am super excited. Last year I had the back cover and now I got moved up to the front so I am stoked! I also have the table of contents page and various other photos within the catalouge.

Peter Grimm also blessed me with 3 banners at the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas this year!And they are HUGE! I love Peter Grimm! they are the shiznit!!

I also had some photos of mine make it onto the latest SNEAUX postcards!

And SNEAUX blessed me with some photos on their boothe banner as well!! Here I am chilling next to the almighty Sneaux shoes banner! The new shoe line is off the hook! I was seriously blown away by the new line! And for the record Sneaux shoes are the longest lasting skate shoes I have ever skateboarded in.

Sneaux also took some of us out to eat dinner the night of the Asr Tradeshow. For the first time in my life I got to eat some islander type food. The sweet potato fries were bomb!!!!!!!!!!Thanks Sneaux!!!!!

I am also proud to announce the release of my first Pro Model Deck with Struggle Skateboards. It is a part of the newly released "ROAR" series that Struggle is doing. I chose the grizzly bear because I dig those bears. They are mesmerizing and if you ever see one stand up you will know how epic a Grizzly bear is! They would make a 6 foot 2inch tall dude like myself feel like a midget!!

The support is greatly appreciated! Big thanks to all the skateboarders out there supporting and getting my board it means the world to me. Send me photos of you repping the board and I will single handedly mail you out something cool!


Music Video
David Cook-Light On

I recently got back from shooting a music video with famous and legendary director Wayne Ishmal!!!! It was more than an honor to work on a project directed with a man of his prestige. He is the director responsible for creating tons of music videos for some of the industries leading artists. To name a few.(Metallica,Bon Jovi,Brittney Spears,Micheal Jackson,Janet Jackson,Rolling Stones,even the Backstreet Boys) The dude can make a music video for just about every genre of music which is incredible. On this project I played a Skateboarder showing up to a diner after a high school football game. The music video is for recent American Idol winner David Cook. So I know this video is going to get some major airtime. No doubt about that. Shoutouts to the homies I made there! Monty for being a chill dude and Kevin for playing skate at 3:30 in the morning waiting for the next scene.

Television Show (CBS)
The Ex List
Prior to shooting the music video I did some work for CBS. Not skate related but just some acting in general. I played an artsy onlooker in an art gallery scene for the CBS show entitled the Ex List. I got to work alongside Kevin Sorbo (hercules) in some scenes. He is a cool ass dude. Real chill and always joking around. Also on set was Elizabeth Reaser from the upcoming movie Twilight and Amir Talai from Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay. Oh yea William Russ who is known as the father from the show Boy Meets World. Overall working on the show was a great experience. I did a couple of other different scenes as well. I guess we will see which ones I get used in. I made some rad homies there as well. Big ups to my homie Dreds and Rich!! Dreds was in the movie Pirates of the Carribean:Black Pearl....he was one of the Tortuga recruits. Super cool dude that plays some awesome music as well. Here is a photo of me and my homies on the set of CBS's The Ex List...

I have tons more to update here in the near future. I am piecing all my media together and slowly getting it on here as much as I can. Thanks for checking my site out. And once again I cant thank my SPONSORS and supporters enough!! Thank you to you all!! And help a brother out and rock a Ruben Najera Struggle deck!! Much love to you all!