Wednesday, November 9, 2011


As promised here is a photo of my signature Pro POWERBAR box sold in stores throughout the world! You can find it in every Target, Rite Aid, or Ralphs grocery store. It's sold in just about every store that carries the "Triple Threat" bar boxes. Thanks in advance to all that support and buy a box. I am featured on every flavor they make of the Triple Threat bars. Let me know which flavor is YOUR favorite! I would love to hear!
As part of the "ALL ABOARD" tour I will be doing a skateboarding demo in Mexicali Mexico this weekend. It's always great seeing the good people at Graff Zone skate shop and all of the Mexicali skateboarders. There are a lot of talented skateboarders in Mexico and all the skaters their are always a blast to be around. Looking forward to seeing you all out there.

Recently also got an interview in TRUE Skateboard magazine! click on the image above to check out the interview! or follow the link below either way you will find it underneath the David Gravette interview.

Also really pumped about the release of my Signature Pro T-Shirt by 6 STARZ clothing!
DRISCOLLS is doing a release party/skate contest/event open to everyone in the world!
You are all welcome to come and anyone who picks up the shirt thanks for the support I truly appreciate it!

Also my signature hardware by QUESTION supplies is officially out! The RUBEN NAJERA "Deep Purples" offer 2 purple and 6 black Phillips bolts with nuts. You can find them at finer skateshops throughout the world!