Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have a full length part in the first ever DRISCOLLS shop team video entitled "BEAUTIFUL DISASTER" . Footage from within the last 4 years of my skateboarding can be seen in this video. I put a lot of hard work into it and it is finally done and due to hit shelves Friday May 13th. I will be present at the premier at Driscolls as well as at the 2011 Imperial Valley Film Festival in which "BEAUTIFUL DISASTER" made the final cut and has been confirmed for screening to an entire theater filled with thousands of viewers May 7th in the Imperial Valley mall.

Also I recently finished my 2nd EPIC cameras video part. This time with the EPIC HD camera. Check out the footage below. I really feel it gives skateboarding a new perspective and fresh look. I think these cameras would be fantastic for trick tip videos as well. Seeing as how you can actually see foot placement.

And lastly the amazing people over at STREET SURFING who make "THE WAVE" casterboards hooked me up with one to try out and I got the following footage in 1 day. I had the board for 3 days but pretty much landed the tricks on the actual day we filmed this footage. This board has immensely helped my balance and manuals on my regular skateboard. Seeing as how the casterboard only has two wheels in total I have had to really learn to balance on only one wheel. Also just to kickflip on it is like putting the same amount of pressure as a double kickflip on my regular skateboard. Not only is this board a great training tool for me but it is actually really fun to use and I don't even have to pedal to get around. I definitely recommend you try one out for yourself. It will seem tough at first but when you get the hang of it you will absolutely dig it and wonder why you didn't ride one sooner!

Oh and R.I.P. Nate Dogg! When we made this edit it was actually a day before his death. Later when I found out he had passed away I could not believe it. I grew up listening to Nate Dogg and the soundtrack to "Above the Rim" was the first CD I ever had which included this song "Regulate" and introduced me to the G funk era of hip hop. Nate Dogg holds a big piece of my childhood growing up learning to skate blasting hip hop in my ears. Much respect to him and all others that have passed. I will always be a fan!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I will be at GAME ON next weekend. SATURDAY APRIL 23rd. I will be there with my Struggle comrades ready to be challenged at some rad video games! Everything from Black Ops to Skate 3 ! Be one of the first few to show up and mention "SWORN" to me and I will hook you up with something FREE ! After the game session we will do a skate demo at Ladera Ranch skatepark and then we will be going back to GAME ON for some more gaming. From there we will get our street skating on! You are all welcome to continue the session with us!