Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tons has happened since my last update. First off and foremost I am super excited to announce that Powerbar has given me my own product display which can be found at just about every grocery store and convenient store throughout the United States that carries Powerbar. I was bestowed upon me the Triple Threat bars display. Below are photos of the displays as well as a photo of an actual display in a store in Colorado. 

I am also officially now riding for HERRON trucks and SNUGGBUDS headphones. 
Super stoked to be a part of these two companies. 

I have a new SNEAUX ad in Transworld Skateboarding magazine as well I will get that scanned and up soon. As well as tons of other bits that I have received since my last update.  

And as for my Struggle video part I am a handful of tricks away from finishing my promo part. And my full length part is in the works still bigtime. I got so many ideas as to what new tricks to do. I have some stuff in mind and on film that I can safely say has never been done before in a skateboarding video.  :)