Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am proud to introduce my first ever Pro signature skate lace by Scoff Skateboarding. The good people at Scoff threw a signature release party for me and it was tons of fun. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported. I truly appreciate it. My signature laces are black and gold and have the amazing one of a kind Diamond Application Process that makes them the most durable skate laces on earth! They are the first ever pro signature skate lace in the history of skateboarding. Huge thanks to Driscolls skate shop for holding the release party at their shop and thank you to all the skateboarders and supporters that came out and hung out with me and the Scoff crew in the rain!

You can order my signature skate laces HERE!!

Scoff also surprised me with a Pro signature limited edition Scoff Mantis shirt. Only 12 made! Each shirt is numbered and it features a gold reflective ink print on the front which is pretty sweet! Big thanks to Scoff for that as well they came out super good! You can get one of the limited edition shirts HERE!!

I am also super stoked to announce that I am now riding for CLEVER griptape! They have also given me and released my first Pro signature griptape graphic for their new line. I will be doing an entire line of 4 griptape designs for them. The awesome graphic below being the first of four to come. I like to call it "Angler Adventure".

Check their website out on the regular. My signature griptape sheet will be up for sale on their site within the next few weeks maybe even sooner! Click here for their website CLEVER griptape.

My new board for Struggle Skateboards is done as well and will be on sale in early April of 2010.
My boards graphic is dedicated to my hometown and all the locals that live there. This is for all of you! Never forget where you came from. IMPERIAL VALLEY!!!!!!!!!!
The entire new Struggle Skateboards line is rad. We have a whole hometown theme and even gave our Am Diego his own color way on a deck.
I also got the back cover of the new Legitimate skateboard magazine. Its an advertisement for the Struggle Skateboards video "SWORN".

We are super hard at work on this video and the goal is to have it out by late April of 2010.
And lastly the newest news to announce would be the addition of EPIC action video cameras as my newest skateboarding backer. They are an awesome company with an amazing product. I cant wait to post up some sample footage with the cameras in action. They will give skateboarding films an entirely new perspective and I'm pumped to get some rad new clips with them. Check out their website and I should have some footage up within the next month with the cameras.