Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since my last update too much as gone on.
Most recently I was featured on the channel 8 news in San Diego county in a cover story for the Olliepop bubble gum company.


The Struggle WEST COASTIN TOUR has come and gone and it was a blast. Seriously nothing but skateboarding 24/7. The trip consisted of Tyrone Olson, Anthony Johnson, Diego Najera, If Feldman, Nick Rodriguez, Isaac Awan, and our photographer John Weaver. We all packed it up in the Olliepop tour van and hit the road for a weeks straight of Autograph signings and skateboarding demos. Massive thanks to Nik over at Olliepop for the van, the villalons and Loon for their hospitality. Septicore magazine was rad enough to do a "Beyond Borders" article on the entire tour for their magazine. Below is the page featured in the magazine. I got a 5-0 photo on the big hubba featured so I'm pretty stoked.

I am also pumped to announce that BUS magazine did a "Product Review" of my pro board for Struggle Skateboards. Check it out below!

And lastly I am proud to announce that my Signature shoe lace for SCOFF will be out in late January!