Thursday, August 13, 2009


Since my last update alot has been going down.
First and foremost Sneaux shoes featured me in there latest full page ad in Transworld skateboarding. Every little image in the word Sneaux is of me either skateboarding or chilling. Pretty rad and I could only imagine how long it took to make. It came out good and the new shoes are amazing. Big ups to Sneaux for all the great things they got coming.

Also my newest Pro board on Struggle Skateboards has been out for a minute now but I completely forgot to post it up on here. Its my "Vacation" board and the story behind it is basically just the fact that I am constantly busy and am always in need of a vacation. The board is a paradise and home away from home. Its an amazing place that I can disappear to. I really like the colors on the board and its somethig completely different than any deck Struggle has ever had in the line. Im stoked and proud of it. For all of you out there that are kind enough and awesome enough to support and have purchased the deck I THANK YOU! And for those that are interested in getting one for themselves you can purchase it at your local Struggle dealing shop or online through the Struggle Skateboards online store. Click the deck to get directed to the board. And thanks again!
I am also featured on the new Struggle West Coastin posters that are out right now you can also get one of those at the Struggle Skateboards online shop. These posters were given out on the Struggle tour that I just came back from.
Which leads me to speaking about the absolutely AMAZING Struggle West Coastin tour I just got back from with the Struggle Skateboards team. Basically 7 days on the road with four stops and nothing but pure skateboarding and mayhem. We did autograph signings,skateboarding demos, and filmed for the upcoming Struggle video due out very soon. Great times were had and I would like to thank everyone that came on out to any of the spots for your support. Thank you to Nik at Olliepop for hooking it up with the tour van! And thanks to the Villalons, and Loon for your hospitality.
Scoff Skateboarding has posted up a news update of me on their website. Scoff is also in the works of producing my first ever signature "PRO LACE" for their line of amazing one of a kind products.

Transworld Skateboarding also did an article on Board technologies on their business website. They did a full feature story on Struggle skateboards and my pro deck was featured in the article. CHECK IT OUT!
On top of this I havent gotten an issue for myself yet but I was told I have a photo featured in the new Transworld Business magazine alongside a full story about skateboard deck technologies.
And the biggest news of all I am proud to announce that I am officially riding for POWER BALANCE and GLAMOUR KILLS clothing now. Both companies are amazing and I am pumped to represent them to the fullest. Power Balance offers superb products that enhance your balance and improve your skateboarding. And Glamour Kills makes some of the raddest clothing around. Everything is of the highest quality and all the materials they use are spectacular.