Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am stoked to announce my 1st Place win at ACTIVE Huntington Beach, Ca. They had a huge Game Of Skate contest on June 19th. The last time I had entered an ACTIVE contest was 4 or 5 years ago and I got 2nd in that Game of skate. It was nice to give it another go after some flat ground training and take top honors!
I also got featured recently in The Street Team Magazine!
Click the image for a full size view or just go to this link below to read the article.

On a side random note I found my old pro signature POWERBAR "Triple Threat" bar boxes on sale on Ebay! Never thought I would see the day. Pretty cool in a weird way seeing them up for auction and seeing people have bid wars over them.
As far as NEW signature product goes for me I am proud to announce I have a NEW POWERBAR box back cover in stores as we speak! Its 10 times better than the last one! Bigger box better flavors and more detail to the packaging image. I will post a picture to them very soon! In the meantime my new clothing sponsor 6 STARZ and I have been working on a Pro Signature T-shirt for the new line. Check it out below it drops in about a month. Demand it at your local skateshop! We will announce some release party's soon and everyone on this earth is invited. Shout out to 6 STARZ! Everyone add them on Facebook and Twitter Check my links to the right to be directed to them.
And last but not least my newest STRUGGLE skateboards Pro deck has been released for the public to see! Its an awesome photo of my actual dog "NOLLIE". Can't wait for them to be out. These decks should be out by early August of 2011. In the meantime check out the new STRUGGLE "Snapback" caps that we came out with! CLICK HERE