Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I am going on tour with STRUGGLE skateboards for the "ALL ABOARD" skateboard tour!
Our first major stop is going to be in Mexicali B.C which is in the great country of Mexico!
Looking forward to meeting all the skateboarders over there and skating with my Struggle teammates.

Also I recently got featured in the new segment of Legitiminute for Legitimate Skateboard Magazine. Check out my mini part below!

And lastly I recently got back from the premier of "BEAUTIFUL DISASTER". I have a full length video part in this skateboarding film. Its for my shop sponsor DRISCOLLS in El Centro, Ca. The video is being shown and accepted into film festivals throughout the entire world! I am super stoked to be a part of it and my part in this video is my best yet! Check out the trailer for the film below.

Please support DRISCOLLS and purchase a copy of "BEAUTIFUL DISASTER". I guarantee you will dig it! 100% pure skateboarding nothing is better than that. Follow this link to the DRISCOLLS online shop.