Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Just got back from Houston, Texas to support my brother Diego at the Es Game of Skate world Am finals. And to be a part of the amazing Make A Wish Johnny Romano skate jam. The world famous GrimCity was there documenting the event and featured me in the event coverage video! I pop up at 5:41 Thanks Grim!

My SCOFF pro lace commercial just came out as well check it out below! I am stoked!

Also GrimCity reviewed my signature pro skate laces and gave it an amazing positive review! Thanks for the love Grim! It starts at 9:09

I also am stoked to announce that I got the cover of the new POWERBAR triple threat boxes again for the next coming year! Which will be sold throughout the world at Wal Marts, Rite Aids, and you name it just about every store that carries Powerbar in general.

As for video progress I am 3/4 done with my shop video part for Driscolls and still have a ways to go on the Struggle SWORN video seeing as how everything is being shot in HD now. The video is coming out amazing though! Thanks to everyone out there that has supported my skateboarding and Struggle Skateboards.

Last but not least I have a winner for my "Design a deck contest". I will announce it in my Contest page hopefully by tomorrow or by the end of the week. I had over 300 entries and by the end of it 1 graphic really stood out above the rest. I also picked an honorable mention which I will feature on my website as well. Thank you to everyone out there around the United States that sent one in you are all amazing artists!