Thursday, January 14, 2010


Happy New Year everyone! Got some big updates! I have been featured in the episode premier of a new show called "The Xchange". Its an artist on artist feature and I am teamed up with my good friend Blake Lewis. Many of you may know him from American Idol. He is an awesome musician with superb beatbox skills. I am honored to be a part of the first episode. Thanks a ton to the great people at POWERBAR for hooking it up! I had a blast on set! You can check out the full episode below. There is also a miniature commercial version of the episode that will air as a commercial during the Dew Tour.

And here is the commercial teaser version.

I also have a Struggle Skateboards ad in the February 2010 issue of Transworld Skateboarding. Check it out below.
The trick above will be in my Struggle Skateboards "SWORN" part. I am working super hard on my part and pretty much come back from every film trick beaten and worn out. I promise to have a full part. My teammates have slamming parts in progress as well. Tyrone Olson, Anthony Johnson, my baby brother Diego Najera, Mariano Valenzuela, and all the RDT dudes have been seriously ripping. We have a Struggle Skateboards Arizona tour in the near future which will be super rad but for now we are super busy filming for the "SWORN" video giving it 101%.

And FINALLY I am proud to announce the release of my Pro Signature Shoe Lace for SCOFF skateboarding! I have been on Scoff since the start of the company so it feels amazing to finally have the first ever Pro lace for Scoff. Its going to be solid black with a luxurious gold stripe through the entire lace. It features the new "Diamond Application Process" technology which makes the lace the strongest you could possibly imagine. You honestly wont ever need to switch your laces on your shoe ever! I can almost guarantee the shoe will blow out way before the lace will and I am pumped on that. Scoff as a company is amazing and worked with me fully in detail to create this lace to exact specifications. So if your tired of your laces ripping on you the answer is here. No joke!

Scoff is throwing a party for me for my signature lace release and will be posting up the full details soon so in the meantime check on their site within the next few days and they should have everything up that you need to know to be there. SCOFF SKATEBOARDING
There will also be a Scoff Skateboarding/Struggle Skateboards contest on the STRUGGLE Skateboards site in which you can win my new laces and deck. Check it out for more details. Information will be posted up any day now!